Digital Signs

Why Daktronics

– We have been selling Daktronics for over 10 years and Daktronics has been in business for 50 years.

-Daktronics is a world leader for LED message centers, that happens to be located just over the border of Iowa in South Dakota.

– Daktronics has 85 field service professionals and 300 technicians which can come to site and fix any issues that may happen.

They test all the products before letting them go out into the market though their Product Reliability Lab

Online training is available with free online tutorials

Industry Issue:

There are a lot of boards out there that are cheaply made with no support behind them. These boards are mostly coming from China. When the board starts to have issues the companies that sell them can’t or won’t support the repair due to a lack of parts or outdated software. So the only option to repair the board is full replacement. Unfortunately we get calls all the time that explain this exact issue. When making this type of investment it is important to go with a quality board and company that will stand behind the product and software.

Eccb (Text Only, Red Display) 19.8mm

– Lowest pricing with all the great quality products you would expect from Daktronics

-Quick and easy messaging from your phone or tablet

-Less power requirements which mean less install/setup costs.

-Wireless is built in no need to run network communications

Single color (Amber or Red) Display Text, Graphics and Animations

– Highest resolution with over 4000 shades (15.85mm to 26.4mm)

-More sizing options

-Lower pricing point

-25% less cost then a full color option

Full Color Display Text,  Image and Animations

-Highest resolutions with contrasting colors ( 8mm-26.4mm)

-More true to life graphics with color

-Most sizing options

-281 trillion colors

Clarity choices:

A display’s millimeter affects your content’s clarity at certain distances. For close-up viewing, a smaller millimeter works better than a larger millimeter.