Free Planning

We offer complimentary planning services to make the process of ordering a sign with us simple. The planning stage is the most crucial. During this stage we strive to find out what is most important to you. Are you looking for something that just functions or are you trying to build a feeling or a style that can’t be beat. We can help with both options. We want to focus on what is important to you and your company.


We meet with you on-site to review sizing and placement to get the most out of your sign investment. During this meeting, we take pictures and measurements required so we’re able to provide an accurate mockup and scale the necessary area. You’ll have confidence seeing what the sign will look like in a visual mockup.


We have in-house graphic designers that can help you build a logo from scratch or work with your current branding. If you ask us, this is the most important part because this is where we can add so much value to your look without breaking the bank.


We work with all budgets! Whether you have $100 or $100,000 we can provide a solution. Signs are made out of all different types of materials from paper to fine metals.


Are you needing this ASAP? We can help. If what you’re wanting takes more time then you have, we can provide a temporary option to hold you over until your sign is ready! Temporary signage can be a good strategy to open a new business or a new location. Temporary signage can give you an opportunity to get the word out about your grand opening event or a special.


Selecting the right material for your application is important to ensure the life of your sign. We make your sign last longer by using high quality vinyls, laminates, paints, plastics and metals.


We are licensed and bonded with the cities. We are established and known by all the surrounding cities.  All of our sales and design team are educated on what is allowed and what isn’t. If there is any grey area we can get the answers needed fast to keep the project moving forward.


At Iowa Sign Company we pride ourselves not only on the quality of design work and materials we create, but we also take pride in the final appearance. Our staff is trained in installing everything from your building’s window graphics, to the lighted signs above your door and vehicle wrapping. We know that appearances are everything when you are trying to attract new customers and we want to make sure your signage is looking good!

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